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I am a Turkish/German artist and writer based in London. I started out as a contributor to Rookie Mag, Tavi Gevinson's magazine for teenage girls. My essays, comics and collages were autobiographical and introspective, touching on some of the same questions I'm now exploring in the novel I'm working on. Rookie gave me the opportunity to hone my voice and visual style while writing for an audience of free-thinking young women, and this is the same audience I have in mind when I create all my work, written, visual or otherwise.


I create mixed media artwork for brands, artists and publications such as: The New York Times, The Atlantic, VICE, i-D, ELLE, MaxMara, WeTransfer, Lazy Oaf, Boots and Kathmandu. I also freelance as an art director for WePresent, WeTransfer's editorial platform, dedicated to championing undiscovered artists. I frequently collaborate with artists in my spare time, too, and have been curating and self-publishing a popular print calendar for the past five years, selling several hundred copies per year.

In 2020, I co-founded Nearness, a magazine documenting the changes brought on by the pandemic. The site encouraged self-reflection, open conversations about mental health and a rare and real opportunity to slow down and process what was happening to us. It existed primarily as a digital space but encouraged readers to get offline and create tangible, “imperfect” art. I commissioned, edited and art-directed all of the work published daily on the site, including essays, comics, collage kit, photo series and playlists.

I also work in film and advertising as a director's assistant, art department coordinator and image researcher, most recently on productions directed by Wes Anderson, Danny Boyle, Sally el Hosaini and Autumn de Wilde. ​I started working in the industry as a director's assistant on "Viva la Vulva", Kim Gehrig's award-winning ad for Bodyform. 

In 2023, I won the Aurora Prize for my short story, "Woman With An Egg Mayo Sandwich." You can read it here.

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