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The illustrations, collages and posters featured above are all pieces I art-directed for WePresent, WeTransfer's digital arts and editorial platform, which tells weird, wonderful and unexpected stories about creativity. Since 2020, I have commissioned artwork for WePresent articles, manifestos, newsletters and social media. I'm inspired by the company's mission to be the most representative creative site on the internet and hugely enjoy discovering and working alongside diverse creatives from all corners of the globe, including illustrators, graphic designers, animators, ceramicists, painters, embroiderers and collage artists. I am especially passionate about commissioning artwork with a personal, handmade sensibility. 
Nearness Project
In 2020, I co-founded Nearness Project, an online magazine documenting artists' responses to the pandemic. The site encouraged self-reflection, open conversations about mental health and a rare and real opportunity to slow down and process what was happening to us. Featured in i-D mag a few weeks after going live, the project existed primarily as a digital space but inspired readers to get offline and create tangible, expressive and imperfect art. I commissioned, edited and art-directed all of the work published on the site, including essays, comics, collage kits, photo series and playlists. Co-founder Anna Claire White and I were commissioned to design a Nearness window display for outdoor clothing brand Kathmandu and created collage kits for Adolescent Content and Cry Baby Zine. These are some of my favourite pieces.
For the past six years, as part of an ongoing, self-initiated project, I have art-directed an annual print calendar featuring month pages designed by some of my favourite artists. Most years I sell 400+, packaging and shipping them out myself. In 2024, I was commissioned to create a special edition for WePresent, and a digital version was made available for download via the WePresent newsletter. As a result of this personal project, I've been lucky to work with some of my favourite artists over the past few years: Joey Yu, Melek Zertal, Lam Lo, Teddy Goldenberg, Raquel Moreno, Minna Gilligan, Núria Just, Samhita Kamisetty, Dakarai Akil, Angel Del Solar, Humberto Cruz, Anna Claire White, Adriana Lozano, Luci Pina, Sandra Poliakov, Lee Lai, Vartika Sharma, Xander Piyo, Jao San Pedro, Jackie Andrews, Anna Claire White, Charlotte Robinson, Myriam Chaaib, Tara Deacon, Courtney Knight, Camila Alarcón, Frasie Molina, Luna Rey Cano, Alex Smyth, Sedona LeBlanc, Eniko Eged, Tina Tona, Lucy Comer, Holly Leonardson, Nina Yagual, Areeba Siddique, Sendra Uebele, Caitlin Hazell, Andrea Lux, Maison Stella, Alex Westfall, Savana Ogburn, Elly Malone and Nina Sepahpour.
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