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The illustrations and collages featured above are examples of the pieces I have art-directed for WePresent, WeTransfer's editorial platform, which publishes artwork and essays on culture and creativity. I research, commission and brief diverse creatives, ranging from illustrators and ceramicists to painters, embroiderers and collage artists. I'm inspired by WePresent's mission to feature undiscovered talent from all over the world and hugely enjoy curating personal, handmade artwork for their stories, newsletters and social media.
Nearness Project
In 2020, I co-founded Nearness, an online magazine documenting the various responses to the pandemic. The site encouraged self-reflection, open conversations about mental health and a rare and real opportunity to slow down and process what was happening to us. It existed primarily as a digital space but inspired readers to get offline and create tangible, “imperfect” art. I commissioned, edited and art-directed all of the work published daily on the site, including essays, comics, collage kits, photo series and playlists. Below are some my favourite pieces.
2024 Calendar
Every year, as part of a personal project, I curate a print calendar, commissioning each of my favourite illustrators to create a page. Most years, I sell between 300-400 calendars and ship them out myself. This year's was special since I was commissioned to create it for WePresent, and they made a digital version of the calendar available for download on their site. The artists that contributed to this edition were: Joey Yu, Melek Zertal, Lam Lo, Teddy Goldenberg, Raquel Moreno, Minna Gilligan, Núria Just, Samhita Kamisetty, Dakarai Akil, Angel Del Solar and Humberto Cruz.
2023 Calendar
The artists that contributed to this edition were: Anna Claire White, Adriana Lozano, Luci Pina, Sandra Poliakov, Raquel Moreno, Lee Lai, Melek Zertal, Vartika Sharma, Xander Piyo and Jao San Pedro.